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Family Engagement

 Rocio Horwath
 Family Engagement Coordinator

Oak Grove believes parents and guardians play an important and necessary role in their children's education.  Our family engagement coordinator works to strengthen the partnership between families and schools.

Goals of Family Engagement

  • Provide parents with a better understanding of the public education system.
  • Build relationships with parents, schools and staff to increase the level of family involvement in students’ education and parents’ participation in school decisions.
  • Offer creative ways for parents to support children at home.
  • Prepare students to graduate from high school ready for college and career.
  • Prepare teachers for increased participation from diverse communities.
  • Create a welcoming environment at schools.

Daily Activities of our Family Engagement Coordinator:

  • Provides interpretation assistance to Latinos familes
  • Translates written commuications from the school and classrooms
  • Coordinates the Oak Grove Family Academy
  • Works closely with the PTA
  • Connect parent and teachers
  • Recruit volunteer parents Want to volunteer at OGE?