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Walk-a-thon Fundraiser Results

A note from Mr. Cline about our Walk-A-Thon results.  
Amazed. Honored. Humbled. Proud. Some of the words that came to mind today when our money total came in today. Our goal was $6,000 and we doubled it, bringing in 
$12,000 for our PTA!!! That is incredible and a testament to the quality of people in our OGE community. Thank you so much for your generosity. To hear the stories of how students raised the money was inspiring (Lemonade stand, family presentations, emptying the piggy bank to name a few). These funds go to supporting teachers and students at OGE. Some of the things we are already talking about: soccer nets for the playground, books for classroom libraries, birthday books, and STEM materials. The weather was perfect for our walk to Moir Park and it was great seeing all the kids playing together. What a wonderful experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!