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Intervention Specialist

Melanie Skelley

 Jill Stanton

Every year at Oak Grove a reading assessment is given to all students. This assessment is referred to as benchmarking and will occur in the fall, winter, and spring.

The benchmarking consists of the following one-minute measures for each grade level:

Grade 1: Students in first grade are assessed in the fall, winter, and spring on phoneme segmentation and nonsense word fluency. The winter and spring benchmarks also include oral reading fluency. Phoneme segmentation is the ability to break words down into individual sounds. For example, the word dog would be segmented as /d/ /o/ /g/. Nonsense word fluency is the ability to read two and three letter make-believe words. For instance, lut would be a nonsense word students would read by either sounding out each letter sound or reading the whole word.

Grades 2-5: These students are assessed in the fall, winter, and spring on oral reading fluency. Oral reading fluency is the ability to read out loud with fluency and accuracy at grade level. It is measured by the words read correctly in one minute.

If students do not meet the expected range for his/her grade level during benchmarking they will begin receiving additional reading support.

Reading intervention will be administered about every other day and data will be gathered weekly to determine your child’s progress. Our goal is that your child will achieve success in reading literacy. Your child will be exited from receiving these interventions when he/she has achieved the grade level expectation during the next benchmark.

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